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More Efficient 60 x 38mm Fans High-Efficiency C3 Models in the V60E Series

Incremental improvement in high-performance cooling fan efficiency is offered by third generation designs in the Nidec UltraFlo V60E series.

The new C3 vane axial fans, with efficiency-optimized motor and impeller configurations, require up to 33% less power in prime operating regions than previously released models in the 60 x 38mm series.

On-line documentation of the V60E C3 series is available here:

Speed-Stable V60E C3 Fans
Free-Running V60E C3 Fans

The minimum voltage that could be used for clamping is two times Vin max. That is because the BEMF will add to the input voltage.

For 18 volts applied at High Line a BEMF of 18 volts will be generated. This would result in a Voff of 36 volts.

Clamps, which have a tolerance, must be guard-banded, therefore, 42 volts would be a reasonable minimum clamp level to choose.

The motor current at 12 volts and 1500 RPM would be developed in a linear fashion with a 6 volt BEMF and 1.5 MH coil inductance

This current will start at about 0.5 amps and ramp to about 0.7 amps, whereby di = E dt/L, at which time the PWM would command the switch to turn OFF.

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